Operational Safety

white storage tanksChaleur Terminals Inc. is committed to building and operating in a safe and reliable manner, ensuring construction, operations, maintenance and monitoring are managed by highly skilled and trained personnel.

Rail Safety
The railway portion of this project is regulated by Transport Canada with CN Rail stipulating additional infrastructure and/or specifications over and above Transport Canada’s current regulations. As railway operators, CN Rail has comprehensive policies and initiatives to prevent incidents including:

  • Policies, rules, protocols and procedures;
  • Training, coaching, and communication initiatives;
  • Inspection, monitoring, supervision and auditing; and
  • Trend analysis, leading indicator identification and risk assessment/mitigation practices.
  • Link to CN Delivering Responsibly: http://www.cn.ca/en/delivering-responsibly

Workplace Safety
The safety of our employees, contractors and the public are our top priorities during planning, construction and throughout the life of this project. Our workplace safety plan ensures that all workers properly are trained and insured as per the requirements of WorkSafe NB and the Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA). Some additional workplace safety provisions to be in place include:

  • All appropriate employee certification shall be maintained and in good standing;
  • Security fences and gates to be installed and public access to the site shall be restricted at all times;
  • Ensuring that equipment is maintained and in good working order;
  • Ensuring that all required health and safety equipment is on site, including a First Aid Station;
  • Incident reporting to WorkSafe NB and protocols developed to avoid future incidents.

Our emergency response plans will be developed in accordance with regulatory requirements and in collaboration with local emergency responders in order to ensure a coordinated and immediate response.

Port Safety
By developing effective management systems based on sound principles and measures, the Port of Belledune has been able to successfully avoid and prevent harm on the environment. It also adheres to international security rules and guidelines (known as ISPS – International Ship & Port Security Code) that assist the Port of Belledune in maintaining a safe, secure gateway through which to operate.